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Look around & dive into
your SUP Bázis!

Because with us, you will learn how to SUP, try/buy quality equipment, and you can choose from more than 20 types of Lake Tisza SUP tours.

The „SUP Bázis” Sport Club awaits you – exclusively in Hungary – with international ASI (Academy of Surfing Instructors) SUP School certification and license, meaning with a qualified SUP Instructor. We welcome you throughout the season for SUP lessons, training, or even multi-day adult and child SUP camps.

The information on our site is guaranteed to be fresh, check out our offer, feel free to write or call, because with us, you always get an answer!

We speak English, German, and Hungarian.

Reasons why you have to
paddle board with us

Because our goal is not just to provide you with “gear to take with you,” but primarily to offer a liberating experience and safe knowledge!

What do we offer you? First and foremost, a great atmosphere, and then: daily beginner or advanced SUP coaching twice a day, guided SUP tours, multi-day SUP camps, a mini beach, boards in various sizes, life jackets, leashes, pumps, electric pump, changing rooms, closed storage for belongings and cleaning tools, safe deposit box, waterproof bags/cases, water map, restroom, garden shower, drinking water, shaded resting areas, bicycle and car parking, etc. In short, plenty of things to make you not want to go home anymore. And if you learn to SUP with us, you will be able to paddle on flatwater all around the world.

In 2022, we obtained international instructor certification and, as the only Hungarians, joined the ASI SUP SCHOOL network.

Our experienced instructors, Ms. Dida and Mr. Gyuri, will provide hands-on guidance and feedback during your SUP coaching sessions to help you master and refine your paddling technique, ensuring an enjoyable and effective SUP experience.

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Our qualifications

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EFR First Aid

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Paddling Technique
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Technical Coach
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ASI L1 SUP Instructor

Our Services


The SUP Bázis team’s vision from the beginning has been to provide friendly yet professional conditions not only for our own organized activities but also for those who bring their own SUP equipment to Lake Tisza!
To operate and maintain these facilities at a high standard, we rely on your support. Thank you!

The entrance ticket includes the following:


You bring your own SUP equipment with,
and receive from us:
2.500 Ft
  • Free vehicle parking
  • SUP dock, entry point
  • Pump (including electric)
  • Drinking water, water bottle
  • SUP top (lycra)
  • Restroom, garden shower, changing room, lockable safe deposit box
  • Chill zone
  • SUP transport handcart


Our SUP instruction is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive learning experience on how to paddleboard effectively and safely. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping you master the art of SUP. The introductory instruction comprises three different levels of courses.

Our courses consist of 90-minute theoretical and practical sessions per course. The quality of our 3 level educational program is not only attested by the satisfaction of hundreds of participants but is also guaranteed by the unique certification from ASI (ACADEMY OF SURFING INSTRUCTORS).


4.000 Ft
  • 90 mins theoretical and practical session
  • 3 levels
  • international ASI certification

The course fee does not include the rental fee for SUP equipment!

We offer three different levels of courses.
You will learn and practice the following with us:


(1,5 h)
  • Basic safety rules and water traffic etiquette
  • Analysis of the environment and weather, types, characteristics of closed flatwater environments, hidden and visible dangers, how to be proactive and conscious in planning your paddle to prevent accidents
  • Emergency procedures, how to react, and how to seek assistance
  • What to bring with you for SUP, appropriate clothing
  • Characteristics of the SUP board
  • Proper adjustment and grip of the paddle
  • How to get on and off the water
  • Falling and getting back on the board from deep water
  • Paddling on your knees
  • How to stand up on the board
  • Quickly gaining your balance
  • How to stop with the board
  • Board control, straight-line paddling, basic changes in direction
  • Practicing self-rescue techniques for SUP


(1,5 h)
  • How to rent and purchase appropriate equipment (size, shape, etc.) and how to care for, store, and transport it
  • What to do to efficiently and healthily paddleboard (position, posture, paddle grip, the role of the hips, paddle position, dipping, proper stroke rate)
  • Types/parts/differences of SUP equipment
  • Correct stance, i.e., how and where to stand on the board and why
  • SUP rescue techniques, i.e., how to assist other paddleboarders
  • Advanced changes in direction, evasion, maneuvering
  • Wave handling
  • Prone paddling


(1,5 h + 30 mins "free ride")
  • Characteristics of allround/touring/race boards
  • SUP etiquette
  • Surf stance
  • step back turn (back/front)
  • Buoy turns
  • Standing start from a dock
  • Jump start from a dock
  • SUP tour routine
  • SUP race routine
  • What is needed for efficient paddling technique - the 5 stages of paddling
  • Practice on narrow/race boards


Learn and Improve Your stand up paddleboarding Skills in a 5 day SUPCAMP!

The SUPcamp offers courses suitable for adult beginners and self-taught paddleboarders alike! It is also highly recommended for those who have previously taken lessons but wish to deepen their knowledge or prepare physically for this specific water activity. It combines SUP instruction with regular training!

You can acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge from the experienced and certified team at the SUP Bázis in Poroszló. This knowledge will equip you to confidently navigate any waters in the future.

The events are announced on the SUP Bázis Facebook page. Or just call: +36304205199

Key Elements:

➡️ Safety knowledge

➡️ Equipment usage

➡️ Techniques: steering, surf stance, single-side paddling, step back turn, etc.

➡️ Targeted warm-up

➡️ Posture, paddle handling, strengthening paddle muscles, land-based training, SUP fitness

➡️ Collective water practice

➡️ Collective Tisza Lake tour

➡️ Free ride

➡️ Stretching

➡️ Video analysis, photo portfolio

If there is a pre-notified demand, we can help arrange accommodation for adult campers.

Important information to help you make a decision:

All our camps start on Wednesday morning (at 10:00).

Number of participants: min. 3 – max. 8 people.

Applicants receive a detailed schedule of training sessions.

Upon successful completion, we provide internationally recognized ASI certificate.

Please register in advance so that we can reserve a spot and equipment for you. You can register via email or messenger. Your registration is considered final once you have transferred 50% of the program’s cost to our account. At this point, you will receive a detailed schedule to prepare.

We look forward to having you! 


At SUP Bázis, you’ll find everything you need for stand up paddleboarding, and we are happy to provide you with the equipment if you possess knowledge that meets our international standards or complete our ASI© SUP Courses.

SUP Bázis exclusively works with high-quality and well-maintained equipment. We inspect them before and after each use. With our Starboard, Red, SIC, Skiffo, Body Glove, Bluefin, Moai, Gladiator, Aztron, Shark 8.6; 9.8; 10; 11; 12; 12.6; 14-sized boards, vests, paddles, etc., we can cater to paddleboarders of almost any skill level and size.

SUP Basic equipment rental prices

Additional SUP equipment prices


You can choose from more than 21 different guided weekend tours. We usually organize 2-3-4-5-hour/ full-day tours on Lake Tisza. If you want to participate, advance coordination/reservation is necessary! However, you can also join an already announced/organized tour!

Lake Tisza undeniably offers a paradise-like setting for SUP enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Natural mazes, secluded mini lakes, enchanting wildlife, exciting landing spots, fun, sports, exploratory tours, and plenty of chill and relaxation.

If you join us, you can expect safety and comfort! Our tours start with a minimum of 5 participants. Call us: +36304205199